We strive to craft high-quality, natural and vegan products for you to use daily in your home. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure premium quality and made in small-batches for that handmade touch.

Answers to Your Common Questions

Why do you use natural wax in your candles?

We love using natural wax because it is free of toxins, petroleum by-products and nastie chemicals that are common in traditional paraffin waxes. Our 100% natural wax is made from soy beans which is a renewable and clean plant-based source for wax. We feel good about using natural wax because it means less nastie stuff in our homes and bodies.

Do you offer eco-friendly products?

Yes! We are commited to crafting eco-friendly, non-toxic and clean products for our customers. We strive to use minimal plastics in our packaging and focus on recyclable and reusable packaging materials.

Where are your products made?

Our products are all hand made and packaged in YOUR CITY HERE with lots of love. We love the quality and craftmanship of handmade products and trust that you will too!

How can I order your products?

You can order online here through our website. We offer shipping and local pick-up methods.

Help! I have a question about my order.

Please get in touch with us using the contact form and we will happily assist you. Feel free to email us anytime with your questions.